Friday, July 25, 2008

Joint Youth Ministry

Main Street Christian Church and Winchester First United Methodist Church have begun official discussions of doing a joint youth ministry. A few of us met to discuss the possibility, and we have agreed to begin the process.

What an exciting thing! Both churches are in need of a youth pastor, and both churches are in need of a shot in the arm regarding youth ministry as a whole. Sitting down we realized that the Holy Spirit was guiding this and leading it. All of us were on the same page sharing the same desires and concerns. I personally left the meeting stoked: I think God is going to do something special, and below are reasons why I firmly believe this:
  1. Everyone is sensing that God is at work in the endeavor.
  2. Our thoughts, wants, and concerns are very similar. We are already on the same page.
  3. We know that God desires that the Church work together. This is an opportunity to bring not only two churches but a community of churches together in a common ministry.
  4. Our youth are craving for spiritual moments, spiritual development, and spiritual fellowship. There is a real need for a positive, ecumenical Christian environment.
  5. VBS and Youth Mission trips have already been jointly shared with great success.

Our job is to remain diligent, be responsive to the Spirit, and remember that the relationship is a give and take. Most of all, we must remain in prayer that God would make this happen.

I'm excited. I believe that we are doing something very cool. My past experiences with NiteLife in Whitley County lead me to believe that kids are craving a night to hang out, have fun, and develop their spiritual lives. This is, as Steve Taylor spoke of, a Kingdom Sign.

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Kara said...

awesome awesome awesome! let me know how things pan out. i love when communities connect to serve students. A+!