Monday, July 21, 2008

Do Not Weep!

Scripture Text: Nehemiah 8:8-12
Sermon: "Do Not Weep!"

Below is a summary of the sermon:

Sports are fun, and college football is the pinnacle of sports. The pageantry, the atmosphere, the fun surrounding the game; all make college football the most complete sporting experience. On game day a major college campus is buzzing with an excitement and energy that are difficult to ignore...Yet it's just a game as all sports are. People get really excited about entertainment because we all need a "pick-me-up" from life. So why is it church is often described as boring, dull, guilt-ridden, and irrelevant? Isn't church to be a gathering of encouragement and celebration of God's love?

In the text, God's people have rediscovered the Law. Their natural response is to weep out of guilt, anxiety, and despair; however, God's wish was for them to celebrate a new day of grace in God's love. In fact, the OT has several instituted festival days for God's people to rest, rejoice, and recreate. The gathering of God's people was to build up and encourage: The gathering of believers in worship is to celebrate!

Sunday we celebrate the Lord's Supper: We celebrate God's ultimate act of love through Jesus Christ, and we are to rejoice! Let's make no mistake...sin, stress, sadness are all real; however, God's love triumphs over all. And, that IS good news.

It's time to celebrate.


cindy said...

how funny that is what your sermon was about. i just made the comment that it seemed like most people at our service were there because they felt obligated to be there, not really to worship and rejoice in what the service really should be. you know me, i love sunday service, i love to worship God and use that time to thank him for what He has done in my life and listen to what He is trying to tell me through the words the pastor is saying. this sounds odd, but you know in Heaven, that is what we will be doing 24/7!! worshipping God who has given us all things!! it sounds awesome to me and there are times i can't wait to be there! singing and dancing- that is a party i don't want to miss out on!! :)lol

Todd said...

We just started a series on worship at our church. Sounds like some similar themes.

I can't let you get away with calling college football the pinnacle of sports though... maybe if they did real playoffs and crowned a real champion each year we could consider such claims ;-)