Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It seems the days have grown shorter.

Being new and learning the senior pastor position at the same time is quite daunting. There are a TON of small things that I am learning I need to do that I have never done. Most are little things that were always done around me, but now I am doing them...or finding folks to do them.

My aim is to not fall behind in accomplishing my schedule of tasks and goals for each week; however, these last 5 days have really challenged that! So far, though, my head is above the water, and I am remaining on schedule.

I wonder though, if we try to pack too much stuff into our days? Is our lifestyle healthy? Is it normal throughout history? Have people always hurried to get stuff done like we do now, here in the U.S.?

Perhaps, our busy-ness is keeping us from more important tasks. I know it makes us edgier. At a meeting recently, I wanted to run out of the room as 5 minutes of business was crammed into over an hour. For some reason I just couldn't relax and make it a social event...it was afterall a "meeting."

My prayer is that all of us can slow down a bit and focus on the important tasks before us.


Mark said...

Try it now, Cindy!

cindy :P said...

OK, here goes!! :)
Busy-ness does keep us from doing the things we should do and from what we may really want to do, but life does seems to get in the way! One thing i have learned through alan's ordeal is not to let something like that become the reason you tell people how you truly feel about them. so, for the most part, people hear from me more often than before and i am much more vocal about what they meean to me and how they have impacted my life and what my feelings are for them; mostly that i truly love them. i look at the overwhelming number of people who make contact with alan and jan on their blog and think "why does it take a tragedy to bring us to the point where we can be so honest and raw with each other?" so, i have sort of made it my personal mission to not let it take a tragedy for me to reach out to people who have great meaning to me and tell them 'thank you' and 'i love you'!! :) how's that??? cindy