Monday, September 28, 2009

Worship Changes

This coming Sunday, we'll be making some changes to our format of worship. It's been in process for a while now, but we are taking the leap this week.

We've had a few changes along the way, and for the most part, people have stepped up and responded positively to change. However, this is a change of worship. We are including more contemporary elements, streamlining flow, and hopefully creating a place for visitors to feel welcome.

I'm not a huge fan of blended worship, but after talking with so many people, I think we are ready to start...I think we are past time to start...But, blended worship is a compromise that includes older hymns, contemporary songs, liturgy, and videos. There's something for everyone, and something for everyone to say, "It's not my style, but the person next to me is enjoying it."

My prayer is that we can make it through this transition well, glorifying God, and reaching out to our community in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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