Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Unembarrassed Ad for Disciple Bible Study

First, to clarify my last post, I do read my Bible...religiously. How ironic is that?

But, it got me thinking, I've read Dune at least 18 times, so how many times have I read the Bible, cover-to-cover? My first time through was in college. Did it in a month. I did it once in seminary, too. Since then, I've done it 3 times, and each time it's taken me 34 weeks...

Why 34 weeks? Disciple Bible study! It's a great Bible Study program, and if you've never done it, well you really need to! The approach is very good. It comes with a book that outlines the readings. There are 5 days of reading, 1 day of answering questions in the booklet, and a day of rest. Then once a week you meet with your Disciple class where you watch a video done by professors who study each part of the Bible you're reading that week. After watching the video, the class discusses the readings, shares their thoughts, and answers some questions.

In a nutshell, here's why Disciple I is AWESOME!:

  1. You have accountability friends to help you read all through the Bible...even the slow, hard parts where Hallugoaboah begat Yaojodeeoho who begat Bill...yeah, those parts, too!

  2. You get great insight from the video, the booklet info, and the class discussions.

  3. The aim of the study is to help us apply Scripture to our lives...not just study it.

All, in all, I highly recommend it, and if you're in Winchester on Thursdays, we start at 7 p.m.


shuwit4 said...


Can you tell me how to order a Disciple IV workbook.

I cannot make weekly classes but want to study independently the material presented in the workbook.

Thank you so much.

Mark said...

Yes, go to www.cokesbury.com. Look up disciple bible study, and number 4 should be yellow.