Monday, June 1, 2009


  1. I recently came across Blake Huggins' blog, and he has a beautiful, I HATE disclaimers. They are like a person sewing quilt with another on the other end unraveling it. This however was different. Kudos to Blake!
  2. I loved The Dark Knight. Not just because of Heath Ledger (though he did do superb job); moreover, I love the acting skills of Christian Bale. His start was just as amazing has his excellence in Batman. Wow.
  3. Out of Ur, the Christianity Today blog, has had a series of postings on an unfortunately quiet controversy. Seriously, this makes me want to puke. Civil Religion wrapped in patriotism is one of the most evil and satanic vices within the American Church.
  4. The murder of a "late-term" abortion doctor in his church is sadly ironic. A "Pro-Life" extremist takes the life of a life-taker in a life-affirming place. This story is sad at every single turn. Abortion. Partial-birth abortion. Murder. If God cries, today would be a day...
  5. You know I love Purdue football, but I'm especially proud of the Purdue FCA members who went to Haiti on a mission trip.

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Blake Huggins said...

Hey, thanks for the link! Glad you enjoy the blog. I look forward to dialoging with you in the future.