Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lives of Change

Being a pastor in a county seat town, one of the common interruptions of my day is people coming in asking for assistance. Some days and with some people, it is more of an interruption than others. It is a rare day that it feels totally "right."

I don't like giving handouts that exasperate the problem by enabling dependence. I have come up with my own policy of helping people that gets more detailed and requires more participation as help continues. Unfortunately, with a steady average of 2-3 requests per week, I have only had two people meet requirements for a second time of helping (which only requires that the person track their expenses for one week).

Today was a good day. One of our recipients of aid came. She had found employment, and was up to date on all her bills. Praise God!

Really. Praise God!

This is exactly the kind of help we are here to help someone get on their feet. To help someone have the dignity to not have to ask for help time and time be completely enslaved to someone else's whims or charity. To show someone the love that Jesus taught us to give. To be Christ to a hurting and broken world.

Today was a good day, and it makes every assistance we give all worth while.

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