Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interesting Read

Here is an interesting story at NPR about a young man, Kevin Rooose. Apparently Roose decided to learn about Evangelical Christianity by attending Liberty University for a semester. Despite being somewhat deceptive, he truly immersed himself in the experience.

What I'm intrigued about is the story's ending...

Even though he's back at Brown, Roose still tries to pray every day. He
says the act of prayer changes him, referring to the writings of Christian
author Oswald Chambers. "He said that it's not so much that prayer changes
things as that prayer changes me — and then I change things," Roose says.
"That's going to be important for me — to sit down every day and think about the
problems and the challenges facing other people in my life, and really trying to
increase my own compassion that way."

Isn't it interesting...Living in a community of faith transforms the praxis of the skeptic. Obviously, he hasn't bought into Liberty's faith, but he has experienced the transformational power of living the Jesus Life.

IMHO, this is an anecdotal confirmation of the "Belong, Practice, Believe" model of discipleship. Living the Resurrection of Jesus is the call of the Christian, and when we do that we offer to the world healing, hope, and life.

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