Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do You Believe in Grace?

I have a question for you...

Is there something that you could not forgive? Is there something for which there is no going back? Is there some wrong that keeps you from loving someone?

Does Grace move beyond forgiveness? Are there things that you can forgive but not reconcile with another person over?

These are hard questions if we dig deeply in our hearts.

Personally, if someone hurt either of my babies intentionally, especially abusing them, I would need God's amazing power to find an ounce of love, mercy, and Grace within my heart.

What's amazing about Grace is that God is doing this every day.

Perhaps believing in God is one thing...but believing in Grace is another adventure of itself!


The McClain's said...

Just found your blog from Jennifer's blog. This whole grace thing really blows my mind. I just had a discussion this week about how hard it is for us to learn to receive grace and also to give it. Sometimes it is more easier to give than to receive. Sometimes, the other way around. God is so good to freely offer us his grace and I am forever grateful. Thanks for this post. I agree that if someone placed my children in harm or harmed them in any way, it would take an extreme work of God to heal my heart and allow grace to flow.

Heather said...

I believe in Grace much more now than I ever have before. Because of some recent experiences, I now have the opportunity to extend Grace and to work on forgiveness in a way that I never could have imagined I would be able to do. I now can truly say "it is a God thing" and hear others say it without rolling my eyes. I just might be able to forgive what I thought was unforgivable. That doesn't mean I will be able to forget, but it is only with God's help that we can move forward with reconciliation. It is Grace that allows the dialog to begin and continue in the midst of the pain, hurt, and betrayal. Grace has to be there before, during, and after forgiveness can take place.