Thursday, December 11, 2008


Some GREAT posts out there this week. Here are some of my favs...Thanks to everyone who posted these!

  1. The uncritical eye of Christmas Eve Worship meets practical advice. Giving people open flames in 150+ yr. old buildings!?! Come on! LOL!
  2. Seth Godin has an important tip for leaders: Having good ideas is totally different than selling/implementing them. Buy-in is critical!
  3. A great article on divorce (over on Emergent Village) and how the same concept has been prevalent in our churches and Protestantism since the 1500's. Absolutely brilliant piece.
  4. Beautiful pic of two people talking while others skate around them. Very nice.
  5. One of the things I consistently see pastors and other types of leaders do is hide all the facts and keep information from being disseminated freely. This is tragic. Not only does it intensely build distrust, but it ignores the fact that MOST people will be able to look at all the information and, together, make a good decision. This article explains that its not the data that is's our explanations (or lack thereof). Explain, explain, explain! Transparency is the key to building trust.
  6. Lastly, Kara sported a fantastic post that had a video parody of change. Absolutely brilliant and spot on. Language and explanation are so vital...but so is realizing that some people are unwilling or incapable of change, too. Now we must ask, "What do we do with that? Are we OK leaving them behind? How do we incorporate them even as we change?"

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Kara Szyarto said...

#5... YES YES YES YES YES... ugh, yes. [haha, not only is that my response, but also the response of the caveman sitting next to me]