Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Critical & Constructive

One of the things that brought me back to the UMC was reading the Book of Discipline (no joke). Specifically there is a part that says our theology is to be both critical (deconstructive) and constructive. Far too often I hear so many Christians hammering away with critical theology. "This is bad." "They don't believe right." "Space Monkeys are evil." etc.

After a critical post yesterday, I truly believe it important to follow up with a constructive post today. If I don't believe in "Christmas" giving without the Christ, what do I believe in regard to Christmas giving?

This movie clip is one of the most viral videos out there, and it sums up what I believe about giving: That if we truly buy into Christmas, Christ's loving Spirit will change our lives...and that means we will give and serve.

After you check out the video below, please check out World Vision's gift area (Thanks Kara!). They have an awesome way to give a lasting, eternal gift in the name of Jesus to both a loved one and 'my neighbor.'

Advent Conspiracy

World Vision

Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!" - Matthew 25:40

Happy Birthday Jesus. May your birth at Christmas define us as we seek to follow you.


Todd said...

You have a widget on the left for Compassion and a link in the thread for World Vision. Have you or other readers had a better experience with one or the other? Which is the best one to get started sponsoring a child? thoughts?

Mark said...

Steph and I have found Compassion International to be, in our opinion, the best organization to support individual children long term. The percentage of dollar going to child is one of the highest, and they are a Christian organization.

I mentioned World Vision this time because they are offering some very interesting ways to impact our global society. They are creative, and I believe in the cause of a few of the "gift-donations."

So, personally, we like Compassion and donate there regularly, but there are other good ones out there for us to give on whim.

Mark said...

Oh, also, we had some billing mistakes with Compassion, and they fixed it quickly and to our satisfaction.

Mistakes happen, but what I look for is how an organization or business responds...

Compassion responded well!

My one critique would be the translated letters. I've translated my parents' sponsor child's letters and the translator really edited some of the content. It was really disappointed because the editing took out some of the feeling and faith of the letter.