Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's the season...

Body hurts. Head exploding. 20,000 blankets and still cold. 103 temperature and shivering.

Yeah! It's flu season....That great and wonderful time of the year when we help out our fellow creation by providing a great environment to live and multiply. It's nice to be doing our part for the environment.

In fact, the flu is such a great thing because it's really two for the price of one! You see at this point, the virus has run its course (and been passed on to someone in my family...we like to share); however, I am now a living bacteria culture. My head and sinuses are little incubators for life. You know, it's really something to carry life around inside of you. I wonder if this is what pregnancy is like?

May you all experience the wonder and mystery of this season of life...

[In case you are not aware, this article is satire and not the official opinion of Blogger, the UMC, McDonalds or any other lawyer toting entity looking to sue]

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