Thursday, September 25, 2008


The desktop at the office has Windows Vista.

I was very skeptical at first. I tend to like Microsoft, and unlike many, I don't think there is a need to punish them for being the number 1 software producer in the world. They got there through innovation and remaining solid through all these years. My skepticism lie in the fact that 2000 and ME were utter failures. XP was a good upgrade, but what would Vista be?

Well, after a week, here are my thoughts:

  1. I like the softer, trendier look. It really does make a difference in interacting more naturally. In short, the concept of Windows took another step forward; however, as in the past, Microsoft is playing catch up to Mac.

  2. Things are handy. I'm not one for having the computer organize stuff for me. I like to arrange things myself, but I will say this everytime I open a window...the information I want/need is right there.

  3. I am using Office 03'. No glitches so far!

  4. My printer is an HP 810c, and it is so old that no drivers exist for it in Vista. I can no longer print more complex far that includes color!

  5. For the first few days, the system kept asking me questions about whether I wanted to allow this or that to happen (after I had told it do the task). Now, those questions are getting fewer and fewer. I have the sense to believe it is learning my preferences. If so, that's really cool. Otherwise, there's bugs :)

Overall, I like it, and I'd recommend Vista IF you're going to have a PC. Now if you want to be cool and creative, you'll get a Mac...but that's for a different day


Heather said...

Mark, we got a new pc for worship, and it has Vista on it. We had some problems getting Vista, Easy Worship 2007, and PowerPoint to "talk" to each other correctly. There are still some things that don't quite work, but I've learned to get around them by saving the PowerPoints as .pptx (Office 2007) rather than using them in the Office 2003 version. My thoughts are that the problems have mostly been Easy Worship issues, but I think I generally like Vista.

Todd said...

I have not used Vista yet but thought their Mohave campaign was a great idea to prove that many people have a negative association with Vista but know nothing about it. Those Mac commercials are effective apparently (too bad they are terrible computers - whoops sorry Mark! - As a person who works in a creative job we can't stand them - they are made for playing around not doing anything serious but I digress).

One thing I do like about Microsoft is that they have a deep "knowledge base" section of their website. I have learned to search it when I am having a "windows-based" problem. I know there is a file you can download that will allow older windows programs to understand the "x" extension files. Our office did not mandate an Office 2007 upgrade, but you could take it if you wanted it. For a few weeks everyone had to figure out how to share files again (since they changed the file format - stupid IMO).

Anyway I assume this blog is not meant to turn into a Windows support board so I'll leave it at that.

I will say that Microsoft has tended toward all the things I hate about Macs and I see it in their Vista/Office 2007 upgrades. They hide things in the name of form and you lose function. I love my PC, but less and less my Microsoft products...