Monday, September 29, 2008

Speed Linking

Here are some gems I've discovered in the lately...

The blogosphere is growing...beware!

An artfully, beautiful picture. Btw, this is a great blog to subscribe to...wonderful pics!

Annoying, wrong, and part of the problem: Emerging Church misnomer?

My first ponderings on if Seth Godin were actually mistaken. LOL!!!

Creative worship ideas shared.

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Todd said...

I love that picture-a-day site you link to from time to time. I am envious of his camera and camera skills, and beyond that his eye to see something so interesting in the otherwise mundane. I probably walk past 5 things like that each day and never notice.

The "open source" church media concept is a great one. I only read the blog post, but hope to dig into those series sites as well, what a great idea.