Tuesday, September 16, 2008

V for Vendetta

Wow.  Excellent movie!

Stephanie and I watched it last night, and we loved it.  So much so that half way through the TV 
version, we stopped it and rented it from the movie place.

The movie brings up many different issues.  The concept is that 
England is controlled by an despot played by John Hurt (who played the main character of Orson Well's 1984 movie).  Due to national and worldwide events people have given up power and authority to this dictator for "security."  The writers and producers were the same guys who brought the Matrix trilogy (the Wachowski brothers), and it combines 1984, Nazi Germany, and modern culture in a very compelling world.

I couldn't believe it did poorly at the box office, yet after more thought I know why it did.  The language and word choice was excellent.  Vississitudes, loquacious, and vector are just a sampling of the vocabulary.  Along with quotes from Shakespeare, Faust, and many other literary icons, "V" blends action with brains.

The Wachowski brothers in usual form blend religious imagery into the main story plot.  Toward the end, Natalie Portman's character "Evie" dies to herself, and finds herself reborn, baptized in the rain.  I would also add the very concept of freedom and liberty and individual human worth are basic tenets of Western Christianity.  Yet, they are juxtaposed with the church's failings:  "Strength through unity.  Unity through faith."

Bringing out the dark and terrible side of both government and religion this film casts a shadow into the viewer's heart:  What am I willing to give up?  What am I willing to stand up for?  Am I willing to die for something I believe in?  Who controls me?

The movie was a great follow-up to Sunday's Youth Group.  The person who did the lesson spoke of having self-control.  I didn't out of respect, but I so badly wanted to shout out:  If you don't take some control over your life, someone else will.  THAT'S self-control.  Something will rule over us...the question is what will it be?  Who will it be?

What controls me?  Am I willing to die to be truly free?  Am I willing to crucify my inner-self, that I might truly live?

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Todd said...

I'll have to check this out. You're not the first person to say it is worth watching so I'll put aside my preconceived notions and rent it.

I bet it did badly at the box office because Natalie Portman shaved her head. okay just kidding =P