Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life According to Saint Mark

As we are full swing in the transition process, I have done several things which have made the move much more real. One of those was setting up an e-mail account. I have used my ccumc.us account for the last four years, but after June 19th, I won't be using it anymore.

This means I had to contact all 529 of my email "contacts" and send them my new account address. Taking longer than I imagined due to spam blockers and every conceivable and inconceivable electronic barrier, I finally finished contacing everyone...Though I know there will be ones I missed. Sorry if that's you!

I've now gone totally Google. Gmail, Blogger, Reader...my entire electronic life seems to be on Google. Wasn't Google just a search engine a few years ago!?! So now I'm in transition packing away, completely Googled, and realizing that The Lotus has run its course...

I thought a new start would include a new blog. I wrestled with a theme and a title, and an idea popped into my head. It's me talking about my life and life in general. My name is Mark. Life According to Mark came to mind, which struck me as very similar to the title of the second Gospel: The Gospel According to Saint Mark. No, I'm not an egomaniac...all in Christ are saints; thus, Life According to Saint Mark was born.

The Winged Lion is the symbol of St. Mark. Being my namesake, I've always related to St. Mark's symbol. Power and movement...Action. Impetuous like St. Mark, I relate for it is not just Mark's symbol...It's a symbol of the message he carried through his Gospel. So I have adopted St. Mark's symbol as my own: The winged lion.

I invite you all to enjoy my musings. They're little more than Life According to St. Mark.

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Todd said...

I though Blogger was Google... but now it's Blogspot... even I am confused ;-)

May I suggest a couple other names for your new Blog? "Life according to Doctor Mark" or perhaps "Blog of Don"?

Seriously though... how do I update my RSS feed... oh well, good luck with the rest of the transistion buddy!