Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speed Linking

Big kudos to Andrew Connard for the idea. Every once in a while I will list a few interesting links that are worth visiting...

41% - the number of fathers in the USA that live in married-couple households. As one of those 41%, I am sad for those who don't choose the amazing experience of being a dad and husband. Yet it was very encouraging to see 85% of fathers live with children.

A new church designed by BMW? Andrew shares a great thought from BMW!

A different look at Psalm 139 with a beautiful incarnational prayer of birth and new life.

One of my favorite authors, Steve Taylor, is working with video sermons. What do you think? Would you watch video sermons at home during the week? Would you want one shown on Sunday morning?

This last one I've just added because it was so good. My friend Jeff shows a video from Penn and Teller that illustrates how even good intentions can be disastrous without thought.

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Todd said...

Those could each be entirely different threads, but I loved the rapid-fire nature of it. I'm afraid I missed the point of the BMW one because I was too enthralled by the possability of a car skin like that. I will have to watch again when I can think about it as a metaphor :-)