Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Subscribing to a blog...

I have been asked several times how to "subscribe" to a blog. I thought I'd explain it, and offer a video I put on a few months ago that does even better.

  1. If you read several blogs or if you want to be notified if there is a new posting on your favorite blog (that would of course be mine), there is a tool called a reader. Google Reader is free and easy to use, so I recommend it.
  2. Just sign-in to Google. It's free, so don't worry about having to have a password, etc., just go along. In the many choices on the Google page, there is a menu called "more". Click it, and you will see many options drop down. Choose Reader.
  3. Once in Reader, click the "Add Subscriptions" button. Cut and paste the URL (web address) of the blog or website to which you want to subscribe. Now, you can check Reader (one site) every day, and it will tell you if any blog you've subscribed to has something new.

You don't have to subscribe; however, if you read more than one blog regularly, it really helps to use Reader. Also, once you have a Google account you can check news, blogs, email, etc. It really is a great tool. Below is a video that explains blogs and readers in an easy to understand way!


Todd said...

Another method I like is to use iGoogle as your home page (also free). You can add all kinds of widgets to it like local weather, a clock, and widgets for google reader. So whenever you (Mark) update your blog I get a new link on my homepage that has the title of your new post.

It's super handy and the iGoogle page still has the google search bar at the top. There are countless gadgets you can add, so try it out its great.

Mark said...

Yep, love it.

It is my starting hub. I have my gmail on there, too, so I know when I have messages.