Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boundaries Seminar

Every three years United Methodist Pastors in Indiana are required to attend a seminar on Boundaries in Pastoral Ministry. The seminar trains us on what behaviors are appropriate and/or inappropriate in ministry.

While it is a four hour conference that drags on and on...I am glad that our conference addresses these issues. Most of the things we talk about are common sense; however, the seminar often deals with real-life case studies...stories of how pastors didn't follow "common sense." Not by a long shot.

The seminar serves as a reminder that each of us must remain diligent in regard to purity and integrity. Boundary crossing sins don't "just happen." They are usually the result of poor choices and lack of discipline in regard to having healthy relational boundaries.

Unfortunately, they only invite pastors....I think alot of married adults could use this seminar. Boundaries are important, and the better we enforce them, the healthier our relationships are.


Todd said...

I needed a boundaries seminar before starting college so a certain someone would not have been sleeping on my couch all the time... okay just kidding, I loved it when you crashed in our room, especially after Worms, Bond or Conan. *sigh* Wanna come crash on my couch tonight?

Mark said...

I wish I could. We need to get together and have a huge gamefest or something.

It's been so long since I've even played a console game, you'd probably smash me!