Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Historic Election

Today at Teen breakfast, I told the youth that they were living through history. Wow, the first African-American president! What a big step for our racially divided nation.

What I'm glad to say is that it didn't even strike me until he won. The entire time I was debating who to vote for (which ended when I pushed the button!) I never once thought "Obama is black" in relation to my decision to vote for him. It never crossed my mind. It was always between two different directions for the nation. Many I spoke to experienced the same. I believe that is an even bigger step for our nation when we don't even "notice" race.

No matter who we voted for or supported, it is now time for all of us to pray for, support, and help in any way our new president. The people have we need to back it up with our actions.

Barack Obama is now going to be OUR president. Congratulations, Barack, and may God bless you as you endeavor to lead and change our nation for the better.


Todd said...

I'm amazed you never thought about it. The media coverage of this election certainly made race a huge part of the election.

Obama's skin color had no bearing in how I voted, but it was highly insulting to me that many implied that a vote against him is racism.

I truly hope the election of our first Black president does begin to mend the divide, and send a profound message to the world.

I also hope (and will pray) that Obama will be fantastic President. He'll have to leave behind most of what he campaigned on but... =)

Michael said...

With Obama we will have...

Federally funded abortions.
Legal partial birth abortion.
More judges that will ignore the will of the people and institute gay marriage.
An eroding of freedom of religious expression.
Someone who was complict with a pastor that preached hate for 20 years!

YES, congrats Obama!