Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jalen Rose, Grant Hill, & America

I usually don't read NBA news, and somehow I got a very important story confused as an NBA story...not an American story...which this really is. The more I looked into it and listened, the less I wanted to comment, and the more I thought we should all listen.

Jalen Rose had this to say in a recent documentary about the Fab Five.

Grant Hill, a wonderful basketball player, student, and person, on the 92' Duke NCAA Championship team, had this piece in the NY Times.

This is a very interesting and important dialogue. It may anger, sadden, annoy, or bore you, but this is an important discussion for our nation.

I'd be lying if I didn't want to berate Rose. I hated everything about the "Fab Five"...which is why I had to stop and listen to what he was really trying to say...and there is more to Rose's statements than what is on the surface. I make no comment in regard to agreeing or disagreeing, other than saying, "Stop. Listen to his point." You can make your own determination.

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The Peppler Family said...

What I think is missing in some of these stories about the Fab Five documentary is that Jalen Rose has admitted that he felt a jealousy toward Grant Hill. Grant had a professional athlete dad (NFL) who was a part of Grant's life, which Grant no doubt benefitted from. Jalen also had a professional athlete "dad" (NBA) who barely acknowledged him. Grant grew up middle class, Jalen grew up in the "projects" of Detroit. Grant went to private school, Jalen to public. There are so many different levels to this story, but I think that the father aspect is very interesting.
On a side note, it was really great to see the footage from some of those early 90's games!