Monday, December 6, 2010

Caution! Choices ahead!

As I was walking out of the local elementary school today, I got to the steps. I had a choice to make. If I took the right side of the railing, I would have a small bit of ice on every step. If I took the left side of the railing, I would have a lot of ice on the very first step, but hardly any on the others.

Once choice had small dangers all along, while the other had a big danger right up front...but with relative safety after that.

For some reason it struck me as the way of life (maybe it was the fact I was looking for something to blog on...who knows). We're constantly faced with choices. Some good, some bad. Some choices are neither good nor bad; rather, it's a weighing of decisions, small factors, who I am, who those in the decisions are, who gets impacted by my decision, and can I afford to lose the cost in light of the potential gain.

If you're curious, I took the bad first step. Bold, gutsy, full of danger...OK, so it was just a step, but then again, perhaps it was more than that...

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