Thursday, August 5, 2010

Proving Once Again Purdue Is An "Almost" Away From Greatness

Long time Indiana native and Purdue fan, Brandon Dawson, who spoke highly of Purdue, committed to MSU yesterday.

A five star recruit that EVERYBODY wanted had Purdue and MSU on his shortlist. Most people believed that Purdue was a lock...Here's to assuming...

The Fumbles - Purdue @ ND 98'
The Missed FG's - Purdue vs. Georgia 98' (any one of 4 FG's would've won the game).
The Missed FG - Purdue@ OSU 93'
THE Fumble - Purdue vs. Wiscy 94'
The Tear - Purdue (BB) 10'

A long history of tragedy for Purdue sports...

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