Saturday, March 27, 2010

Proud of the Boilers

Purdue was knocked out of the NCAA tournament last night in a good game against Duke. The officiating wasn't terrible aside from moving screens and headlocks and goal tending not being called, but the big difference was the talent and size of Duke.

Kudos to a 29 win team, Big Ten Champs, and an impressive resume despite the amazingly unlucky nature of the year: Three very serious injuries to two starters (PG Lewis Jackson and SF Robbie Hummel) and one promising back-up (PF/C Sandi Marcius).

With Moore and JJ saying they will return, only a major bout of injuries should sideline this team from at least a Final Four.

With Carroll and the two Johnsons coming in, this team might be very, very special next year.

Thanks to Chris Kramer and Keaton Grant for coming to Purdue at its lowest and leaving it at a very high level that continues to climb! You both were the heart and soul of Purdue basketball for these last four years. Keaton's shooting and Kramer's taking over a game with defense will sorely be missed...yet, their hard work has laid the foundation for a program ready to earn the "elite" status.

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