Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Plans...New Plans!?!

I like a plan. In fact, I don't do much without a plan or an idea of what I want to accomplish/do, how I would like things to go, and about how I'm going to do it.

One of the things that I like to plan are my sermons. I usually plan them at least 6 months out. I try to be flexible, so things change along the way...But, I really like to have a "Master Plan" to guide me. It keeps me on track, accountable, and I think it adds substance to the concept that we as a church are trying to align with the vision God has given our church. Shouldn't the sermon planning augment vision goals!?!

That being said and to quote Top Gun, "I'm on vapors!" I planned to the end of 2009 with an eye to use the lectionary in January 2010. However, I am going to a few days to sit down and plan out the year.

It's more than just a sermon schedule though...To do it right (in my mind at least), it has to take into account what other teams in the church have planned....UMW, Missions, Education, etc.

So, as I meet with people this January, it becomes important for all of us to be thinking ahead and asking God what He is calling us to this New Year of 2010!


Philip Gilbert said...

Hasn't god spoken to you? Has he not told you what he wants you to say?

Mark said...

Yes, God has spoken. To me, to others. Yes, God is speaking, to me...to others.

Welcome, btw!

I perused your blog. I'm curious as to how you found this blog? What brings you to post here?

Philip Gilbert said...

Hi Mark
It must be nice to have an almighty god whispering in your ear. I have to take dscisions about all sorts of things with no higher power to help me and only myself to take to task if it goes wrong. I can't shrug and say, "It was god's will".

I found you from the blog ring linked to Banana Man's site. I sometimes click on links to get a flavour of what the different christian denominations are up to and I was just passing through. You could say that I got a bite. I find the whole religion thing fascinating. Have done from an early age. I'm glancing in on someone else's life, knowing that they have got it completely wrong and sometimes I just can't help saying something.



Mark said...


Nice to have you here. I have to laugh as I can tell you really want to debate God, which is highly ironice for someone who doesn't believe in God...perhaps, you're angry at God with a bad case of denial!?! LOL!

Btw, I've struggled with belief. I wasn't always a Christian, and I find it interesting that some people want to tell me what experiences I have or haven't had to get me to believe what I believe. For me, it was an out of the blue experience in my dorm room that changed my life.

On a more rational note, are you familiar with phasmida? I've always wondered how to scientifically explain phasmida...The chances involved in such an undirected process are astronmically improbable...to the point of absurdity.

To quote Shakespeare (from one rational person to another): "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

To out of hand dismiss the possibility of a higher order being is unscientific and irrational. Probability alone would have us believing in pan-dimensional beings with an infinite number of universes as many astro-mathematicians postulate! Is that God? Aye, that's the rub!