Tuesday, October 6, 2009

He's Gonna Be a Socca' Playa'....He is...He iiiis...

OK, I never thought all that time of quoting Billy Madison to my wife's belly during her first pregnancy would actually bear fruit...but it has.

Isaiah is playing soccer and loving it! His first game, he was a bit shy, and he had trouble grasping that the ball wasn't meant to be touched with the hands. He wasn't very aggressive and wanted to stop early.

But by his second game, he was in there kicking, pushing, laughing, and screaming...all vital parts of the childhood soccer experience. I've been proud of the fact that each game he does a little bit better than the previous. Being his first organized sports experience, it's been a very interesting, entertaining, a pleasing life hurdle to watch as a parent .

As a coach, I've enjoyed being there for him and his team. I understand how parents get so wrapped up in the sports experience of their kids, but at the same time, I'm amazed at how serious some people are taking pee-wee soccer. Seriously, do we need to yell at kids for allowing a goal? And that's a grandparent! My #1 goal in this soccer experience has been to be a positive, encouraging male role model for the kids as they are first entering the world of organized sports.

Who knew it would be this fun? I love it that Isaiah is glad that I'm his coach. I love to be out there helping kids experience a big milestone in their lives.

This goes to show...Billy was right all along!

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