Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service
with Main Street Christian Church

The service was a darker service highlighted by the Scriptures...I give no words from my sermon for I said little, and what I did say pales in comparison to the recorded words of those who knew Jesus best...

Prelude: It Happened on That Fateful Night Sara Peterson
Greeting: Mark Need

A Call to Worship: Ken Rickett
Father God, you did not send your Son so that we could keep on doing life as we always have done. Jesus’ life and death signal to us a new work in our own lives. Help us to see you at work in the Cross where Jesus took upon himself our pain, our guilt, our sin, our shame, even our hatred and violence. As we remember the blood of the Christ flowing down the Cross, God, we ask you to wash us. Make us new. Give us the courage to be crucified with Christ so that we too may have victory over sin and shame in our own lives. Write us into Jesus’ story, Almighty God. Amen.

*Meditation in Music: Old Rugged Cross UMH #504

Luke 22:39-44: Jesus prays alone
Let us pray.
Lord Jesus, forgive me for my forgetfulness and the times I take you for granted. Help me to be mindful that in my sinfulness I have offended you and grievously hurt you. Have mercy and forgive my shortcomings.

Matthew 26:47-56: Jesus is arrested
Let us pray.
Lord Jesus, so many times have I abandoned your teachings in favor of expediency. I have left behind all that you taught so many times and have neglected my duty to love others as you have loved me. Forgive me and bless me with your strength.

Pastoral Prayer Ken Rickett

Mark 14:61-64: The Sanhedrin tries Jesus
Let us pray.
Lord Jesus, sometimes I find myself confronted by unjust accusations from people I considered to be my friends. The pain I felt was so terrible at this betrayal; yet in your case, you forgave them before they did you harm and attempted to defame you. Teach me how to be humble and forgiving, but most of all how to love so completely.

Mark 15:6-19: Pilate sentences Jesus and crown of thorns
Let us pray
Lord Jesus, it was my sins that condemned you to the cross; and I ask you by the merits of this sorrowful journey to assist my soul in its journey toward eternity. Never permit me to separate myself from you again, and help me to grow in my love of God the Father and appreciate your sacrifice for me.

John 19:17: Jesus carries his cross
Let us pray.
Lord Jesus, I accept all the tribulations I will have to endure for the rest of my life. I ask you, by the merits of the pain that you endured, to grant me strength to endure and carry my cross through life with patience and resignation. I repent of my sins and ask that you help me keep from separating myself from you ever again.

Meditation in Music Cheryl Owens

Luke 23:33-34: Jesus is crucified
Silent Prayer

Meditation in Video The Cross

Sermon “Look”

*Meditation in Music: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross UMH #298

Luke 23:39-43: Criminals speak to Jesus
Let us pray.
Lord Jesus, so many times I have been so selfish in my pain that I forgot how others too feel pain. Sometimes I have forgotten to help out when I could have, and I violated your final commandment that we love one another.

John 19:28-34: Jesus dies on the cross
Let us pray.
My dying, Lord Jesus, I embrace devoutly as I behold the cross you died on for me. My sins have merited for me a miserable death; but by your death, I have hope. Let me die embracing your feet and burning with a love for you.

Meditation in Music Upon a Sinner’s Cross Choir

John 19:38-42: Jesus is laid in the tomb
Silent Prayer

Meditation in Music Jesus by Rich Mullins

Please exit in silence when you are finished praying

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