Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Semi-Annual Rant

Here we are again....It's that time of year...The travesty of squandered time...

It's time to change our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. Lose an hour, gain an hour, change sleeping habits, lose sleep...why?

So people can golf more (sorry to all you golfers)?

The last time I checked, the measurement of time has to do with the sun and the measuring of revolutions our earth makes on its axis. Now, unless I missed the latest catastrophic, annihilation of all life on earth, the revolutions on our axis haven't dramatically changed in the last billion years...So, time is still measured the same. We spin at the same rate...Yet our clocks move...hmmm.

Without a doubt this is another attempt by humanity to control those things in our lives that are beyond our control. We want more time in our day, so we make it. We want to be lords over time itself, so we dress-up our clocks and pretend.

Supposedly, this started as an agricultural thing, but that is NOT true according to my sources, which is something I always knew because no farmer would try to change's not how farmers think. They move with time and in time, not control it.

Time began being kept (as we know it) by the early Mesopotamian civilization of Sumer. They used the sexigesimal system. 60 seconds. 60 minutes. 6*4 hours = day. 360 days/year (plus a few more tacked on everyonce in a while). Their aim was to measure the sun and the stars to understand how the gods worked and functioned.

Today, we make the gods change for us. Move over sun, my govenor now says that I have to change my clock....

Don't you know!?! The sun is now wrong! It's DST.


Isa said...

so maybe
Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam :-)

Mark said...

Clever! It made me chuckle, you've read my other blog:)

Have we met Isa?

Isa said...

No ! But I am a star trek fan, and I found out you were as well. I am an atheist but I love your blog,its generosity and intelligence. It will be a daily reading from now on (I am french, by the way, so it would be difficult to meet you, and viva internet). Have a sunny day !