Monday, January 26, 2009

The Methodist Church Sign

Apparently our church sign is buzzing around town. I don't know why ;P

1/25 - Kissing in Church
2/1 - The Desire
2/8 - Good Sex
2/15 - Baby I'm Yours
2/22 - Passion

I'm really stoked as the first Sunday went VERY well. The sermon and topic were well received, and I received a lot of encouragement from families who are glad, relieved, and comforted that their church is talking about sex and relationships and how they both are important in regard to our relationship with God.

FYI, the titles are in fact's the full theme list:

1/25 - Kissing in Church - Why the Song of Songs starts with a Kiss and why we must talk about sex and relationships in Church.

2/1 - The Desire - The desire to love and be loved. All of us have an innate desire to be loved, and this was hardwired into us...when this isn't fulfilled several parts of our lives get messed up, especially our sexuality.

2/8 - Good Sex - There is an entire set of erotic love poems in the Bible named "The Song of Songs." Some even say that this poetry is about our relationship with God. Either way, it says something...Sex isn't "bad;" rather, Sex is a beautiful thing...a sacred thing. It is good.

2/15 - Baby, I'm Yours! - Love holds a delicate tension of possessiveness. There are appropriate possessiveness feelings and inappropriate. Even God is possessive about some things. True love is has a paradoxical surrendering freedom to it.

2/22 - Passion - Love sick? Heartbroken? Love by its very nature causes suffering. The word passion literally means suffering, as we look to Lent, we see that God's Passion for us is the most beautiful love of all.


Anonymous said...

i wish i could be down there to listen to your series. i need this one!! :) tape it for me, at least audio so i can listen!! good luck, i am sure it will "rock" :)

cindy baker said...

not anonymous, that we me!!